Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Always recieving advice

Whether its good advice or not I'm always getting it from my drinkers.

This time it came in the form of health advice. Most of my regulars are older so of course they've got this or that wrong with them.

The most common health advice from them 'Dont get old'.

The advice this time 'If your getting kidney stones regularly and your taking calcium supplements, stop the calcium'.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Soap Operas and Animal Skins

This past weekend while I was working somehow the topic of soap operas came up. 75% of the men in the bar at that time admitted to watching soap operas. This is something to ponder.
While a little while later in a completely opposite direction of conversation, one of the guys said they killed a squirrel, skinned it, and took the skin but left the rest where it lay. Another guy asked what he did with the skin. The answer, whether it was because I was in ear shot or because guys are always that perverted around each other, turned it into a condom. I thought really, its amazing any guy gets a girl to marry him.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

How Playboy Changed the World

Yes this was a documentary that was on TV the other night. And of course we had to watch it. It brought up the question what were the top selling porn magazines.. So for the sake of sharing with you

10. American Curves
9. Forum
8. Girls Gone Wild
7. Heavy Metal
6. Hustler
5. Penthouse
4. Penthouse Letters
3. Penthouse Variations
2. Playboy
1. Smooth

First off I thought Playboy was number one and I haven't even heard of Smooth. Shows how much I read porn magazines.


The Begining of Some New Craziness

I decided that since there have been some weird conversations/arguments/craziness in the bar I work in I decided I need to share that stuff with the world.
I felt that all this couldn't be contained in my first blog and deserved its own.
The name came from the words that are said by some of my regulars at some point or another.
So here we go...